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If you’re looking for a recommendation, head to the next page to see my latest film, The Right Black, a sci-fi short about a young woman’s decision to follow her beliefs or follow the money.

Featured Project: The Right Black

In the year 3000, film giant ImageWorx has mastered the art of “making film by the numbers.” Screenwriters are “Number Earners,” who create characters and plot lines based on data and formulas. In this world, “screenwriters” interact with artificially intelligent robots of their characters, making the process more “interactive.” Jessica, a one-hit wonder, is dying for another shot at the top, but a new project asks her to choose between her beliefs or her next big break.


Production Information

  • Completed: May 2019
  • Role: Screenwriter, Producer, Director
  • Equipment: Canon 60D, 18-55mm lens

The Right Black: Setting the Mood

Visions of cultural dystopias like those portrayed in Black Mirror, specifically “Nosedive” starring Bryce Dallas Howard, were a large source of inspiration behind the look and feel of the film. The hyper-pastels in “Nosedive” and bright-white, almost washed out lighting were the main reference when conceiving both the lighting and production design. However, I also wanted the film to feel a little more grounded and dark, so the dark wood of the desk and dark carpet and furniture in our location worked perfectly to help achieve this goal.

Oxana’s costume design was largely inspired by digital artwork featuring abstract depictions of black women as aliens or futuristic characters. I wanted her to be in stark contrast to Jessica, a unique woman stuck in a corporate machine, whose look was inspired by minimalist professional fashion.

A Deeper Look: The Role of Minorities in Speculative Fiction

Interactive Website Exploring the Themes of the Film:
(Every image has a piece of history hidden behind it – click on them to discover more!)

On its face, The Right Black is a film following a writer’s struggle with her morals, the reality of adulthood and impending financial obligations and her childhood ideals. Also at play, is a bigger question about if the ways in which artists tackle race and identity through the alien-race metaphor is still effective and/or ethical.

To help viewers understand the underlying themes of the film, I designed an interactive website that discusses the history behind the alien-race metaphor and its parallel connection to more sinister science-fiction — formerly accepted scientific theories that established minorities as sub-species of man in the 19th century.

Viewers are encouraged to watch the film first, then click the link to learn more about why depicting minorities as aliens should no longer be an acceptable way to portray them on screen.

Click here to download and read my literature review on the subject, which summarizes relevant research on both the alien-race metaphor and 19th century scientific racism, to which I theorize this metaphor can be connected.

Literature Review of Relevant Research: