Bonjour e Benvenuto!


Contia’ Prince is a Cinema & Television Arts major and Communications Fellow at Elon University. Currently, she is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts and a minor in Italian Studies. She intends to complete her masters at Elon University and pursue a doctorate concentrating on the sociological effects of film.

Her primary points of focus are screenwriting, film development and production; however, she also enjoys costume design, directing and acting. She intends to be the founder and owner of a multimedia production company that houses various subsidiaries in the fields of film, fashion, music, print publication and dance. Her goal is to enact social and personal change among audiences through entertainment and business. She will be premiering her first print publication in February 2018 titled Cufflink Magazine – a magazine for young women ages 16-30 entering male dominated fields.

The following is a collection of her work created during her time at Elon, a university that charges its students with the challenge of producing a multitude of projects ranging from journalistic to independent cinematic work. Also featured are independent projects, written and created outside of required coursework.

This portfolio demonstrates the skills, as well as knowledge, that she has acquired throughout her college career.

Click here to view her resume.

Grazie mille e Divertiti!


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A collection of multimedia work